Twenty five years into his career fronting punk rock outfits, Wedderburn has put together a set of acoustic-ish folk-adjacent material, so that his kids can come and see him perform someday without having to wear industrial hearing protection. Watch for solo dates and expect a record sometime this century.

Night Committee

Night Committee are a post-punk power trio from Calgary, Alberta, made up of Andrew Wedderburn (guitar and vocals) Nicola Cavanagh (bass, vocals) and Joel Nye (drums). Formed in 2009 by Wedderburn and Nye (after the breakup of their previous group, beloved Calgary outfit Hot Little Rocket) with their pal Lorrie Mattheson on keys, they built a devoted following in Calgary fusing 80’s American punk and 60’s psych-garage. They’ve shared the stage with acts like Bob Mould, Hot Snakes, Wares, and By Divine Right, and released two records, Crime (2010) and Heaven (2013). After a three year hiatus from performing which saw Mattheson depart, Night Committee is back in power-trio form, with a new set of noisy buzz-saw power-pop. They are recording a new record in 2023.

Hot Little Rocket

Formed in 1998 Andrew Wedderburn, Aaron Smelski, Mark Macarthur and Joel Nye, and later including members Patrick May and Matthew Swann, Hot Little Rocket were a fixture in the Calgary rock and roll scene for more than 10 years. They toured Canada many times, performed with Spoon, Modest Mouse, The Weakerthans, Joel Plaskett, and Sam Roberts, spent two weeks performing in Beijing, and released five albums, including a record with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio studios in Chicago. Every five years or so they get together to play a reunion show so keep yr eyes peeled.

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